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Rock & Read Books: A team of creative pros who share the joy of making books
Concept & Write & Edit We develop good ideas into great concepts. We provide research, conduct interviews, and write and create a cohesive narrative. We then edit, proof, and produce final manuscripts for a variety of works, including trade books for major publishers, and personal memoirs and corporate histories for private publication. Layout & Design & Style We create the book’s grid, design the layout, and add the photographs, illustrations, maps, charts, sidebars—any and all inspired graphics that support the theme of the project. We create the style of the book, be it very lavish or refreshingly minimal. Manage & Print & Deliver We finally take all of these elements and produce a finished package. We choose quality printers, manage the entire process, and deliver your books on time wherever you need them. After all, we are a full- service book packager.
Book Packaging and Publishing Company

“Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.”—Henry David Thoreau

Rock & Read is a book packaging business—we make books for publishers, corporations and private individuals. We conceive, develop and produce high- quality original books, or work with you on your original concept.
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