Rock & Read Books Publishing Company
H’s Stories: A Collection of Short Stories

Author: H. C. Moretz
Designer: Carley Wilson Brown
174 pages • Hardcover • 2nd Edition
Rock & Read Books; 2014

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H’s Stories: A Collection of Short Stories

Excerpt from “Big Zeke”

“… I got a .357 Magnum pointed straight at your gut and it spits out hollow points big as crab apples.” I raised my double-barreled, chrome-plated derringer from under the table and pointed it straight at Zeke’s chest, hammer cocked. I said, “…So? Let’s put our guns in our pockets and play cards.”

“…. a knack for saying quite a lot with a few words.” — Bill Hodges, former Editor of Sanford Herald

“Moretz gives us gritty, humorous and sad vignettes of real-life Carolina characters that seem to come up to you on the front porch and tell you their stories. . . . Each story is a picture of life lived hard and reflected on deeply.” — Michael Matochik, Library Director, Lee County Library, Sanford, NC

“Gritty, unique style—Southern Gothic at its best!” — Norma Horvitz, author of Norma Sue: A Memoir and Norma Sue: An Ordinary Extraordinary Life